Blog of "Let’s get to know each other through photography - knowing me, knowing you" project, developed by 3 Castro Daire, Burnside Business Enterprise College, Gimnasio Kavalas, Gimnazjumim Krajence, Mannesmann Gymnasium and Escola El Cim.
The aims of the project are:
To create opportunities for young people to work together across cultures in Europe
To create opportunites for all schools to develop their understanding of the diversity of European cultures
To encourage young people to become active European citizens
To help young people in their personal development ie chartacter building


This blog is a communication tool for every participant in the Comenius Lifelong Learning Programme (L.L.P.). It is a multilateral association of schools in these six countries: Portugal, United Kingdom, Greece, Poland, Germany and Spain.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Nativity Scenes

The “Pessebre” is a Catalan tradition. We do this on the 24th of December. The pessebre consists in building a nativity scene. We build the nativity scene in our houses and in a big square at the city hall. We buy figurines in the market in front of the cathedral.

In this scene we put a child with his parents and with an ox with a mule in a scene and in another scene we put the sheperds to give presents to the baby. In another scene are the shepherds with their animals (chickens, pigs...). In another scene aret he three kings, they are going to give their presents to the baby. Hidden in the scene is a “shitter”.

Everday we move the Kings and on the 5th of January the kings finish their travel.

Christmas Presents

The Kings of Orient go to all of the cities with their animals and their people and give presents to the children.

First Patge Xiu-Xiu goes to the neighborhoods and the people bring him a letter. In the letter the children write about the presents that they want. Patge Xiu-Xiu gives the letters to the three Kings. Then, the Kings read the letters and prepare the presents.

On January 5th, at night, they go to the houses and put the presents under the Christmas tree. In the morning the children open the presents and play with them. Finally, the Kings return to their country and they prepare for the next year.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009


We want to introduce you the new group of students who are going to work on the Comenius project during this school year. They are thirteen and fourteen years old and they are excited with the project. Enjoy!

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Meeting of Catalan Comenius Schools

On Monday 2nd of November, all Catalan schools that are taking part in a Comenius project this year have met together in Barcelona. Each school has received a commemorative plaque as a present.

You can see Sílvia Samaniego form Escola El Cim in the first row.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Difusion of the project: Exhibitions

Photography competition about my home town, city, country.

The exhibition was held successfully at Terrassa City Hall.